Along with the Newsletter, this electronic mailing list is the means for communicating official Section-related information to the membership.

The ASA is responsible for maintaining this distribution list, which is populated with the e-mail addresses of currently active (i.e., dues-paying) Section members. Occasionally, a member might request to be excluded from the list. Such requests should be addressed to A marker is placed on the member’s record so that the e-mail address will be excluded when the distribution list is refreshed. ASA updates the distribution list on a monthly basis or as needed. Note that the Section cannot remove members from the list.

If you would like to post a message to the Section list, please send it to our Listserv Editor, Stacy Torres at, who can post it on your behalf. Note that this listserv handles only Section-specific announcements such as jobs, conferences, journal invitations, and new books by Section members (please send announcements for articles to the Newsletter co-editors). Additionally, please provide information to the Listserv Editor in a Word document, not a PDF.

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