Panel Study of Income Dynamics Data News, December 2014


Call for Proposals: Small Grants for Research Using PSID Data

The Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID), with support from the National Institute on Aging, announces a small grant competition. The competition will fund 4-8 scholars in the range of $10,000-$20,000 each to use PSID to conduct research using new data on intergenerational transfers, extended family connections, and time use. Funded projects will generate papers that will be presented, along with other invited posters and presentations, at a two-day conference to be held June 9-10, 2016. Proposals may request support to analyze either PSID’s 2013 Family Roster and Transfer Module or the 2009 / 2013 Disability and Use of Time (DUST) supplements or both. Applications are due March 2, 2015. For details see the full announcement here. Questions may be directed to Bob Schoeni

Disability and Use of Time (DUST) : 2013

The early release of the 2013 Disability and Use of Time (DUST) research file is now available. The purpose of DUST was to collect information from older adults in PSID families about disability, time use, and wellbeing. PSID heads (and spouses/partners) were each interviewed twice about two randomly selected days — one week day and one weekend day. Information was obtained using time diaries about what respondents did, where they were, who did the activities with them, who else was there, how they felt, and (for household and care-related activities) for whom the activity was carried out. Diaries also include more detailed measures of well-being for 3 randomly selected activities per diary. The first interview also included in-depth questions about the respondent’s health, functioning, well-being, and stylized time use/participation measures.

The data file and documentation can be accessed here:


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