International Conference on Social Stress Research — Call for Papers

The 15th International Conference on Social Stress Research will be held June 4-6, 2016 in San Diego, CA at the W Hotel. The International Conference on Social Stress has become an important conference for scholars working in the area of stress and health and a major forum for sharing new research that incorporates components of the stress process. The stress conferences, sponsored by the University of New Hampshire, are held approximately every two years and attract the leading scholars in the field.

San Diego waterfront

The 2016 conference will feature two keynote speakers (to be announced). Previous keynote speakers have included Leonard Pearlin, Howard Kaplan, Ronald Kessler, Bruce Dohrenwend, George Brown, Robert Weiss, Michael Rutter, Hamilton McCubbin, Peggy
Thoits, R. Jay Turner, Carol Aneshensel, Elizabeth Meneghan, Bruce Link, Blair Wheaton, James House, Allan Horwitz, William Avison, Linda George, John Mirowsky, Sarah Rosenfield, Scott Schieman, Chloe Bird, and David Williams. The conference is organized and directed by Professors Heather Turner, Karen Van Gundy, and Catherine Moran in the Department of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire.

The final program will be based on the content of the submissions. Typically, the conference includes sessions on themes such as: stress across the life course; work-related stress; stress in family contexts; gender and stress; race, ethnicity, and culture in the stress process; stress in adolescence; intersections of physical and mental health; catastrophic and traumatic stress; and neighborhood context of stress.

We invite you to submit either a complete paper or an extended abstract. In the case of abstracts, you must provide sufficient information for evaluation of the substance and scientific merit of the paper.

To be considered for presentation, please submit papers or extended abstracts by January 8, 2016. Further information regarding the 2016 conference will be available soon on our website:

Send all papers/abstracts or requests for information to Catherine Moran at


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