Wanted: New Members!


Recruit your colleagues and students!

Current members of ASA can join new sections through the end of September and be counted in this year’s roster.  While our immediate goal is to get to 600, our longer-term goal is to increase interest in SALC across other subfields of sociology.  Consider approaching that colleague whose work has a clear age or life course component, but may not yet be engaged with these literatures.

Consider gifting a membership!

  1. You can sponsor a student or colleague’s Section membership.  Log in using your ASA ID, enter his/her name, and pay with credit card.  You can sponsor multiple persons at once.
  2. Make a donation to SALC specifically earmarked for memberships.  These funds can be used on a first-come basis to sponsor new members or student members, even if you do not have a specific person in mind.  Contact Debi Street if you are interested in this option.

We appreciate your help in recruiting to our vibrant Section!

Jessica Kelley-Moore,

Chair, Section on Aging and Life Course


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