Call for Paper Proposals – Sexual and Gender Minority Health

This is a call for proposals for Volume 21 of Advances in Medical Sociology, which will focus on the social determinants of sexual and gender minority (SGM) health, and the illness and health care experiences of this group across the globe. Additional information about the aims and scope of the volume is provided below. Articles may be empirical contributions or critical commentaries, and may be between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Each volume of Advances in Medical Sociology takes a focused approach to one subject or area of research, similar to a journal special issue. All papers are rigorously peer-reviewed, and the series is abstracted and indexed by Scopus and SocINDEX. If interested in contributing, please submit a one-page proposal detailing the purpose, methodology/approach, findings, implications, and originality/value of the paper. Please submit proposals to the co-editors, Allen J. LeBlanc ( and Brea L. Perry (, by June 1, 2019.

Volume 21 Aims and Scope:

Research concerning sexual and gender minority (SGM) health has flourished in recent years. This trend has occurred in conjunction with a period of intense social, political, and legal discourse about SGM persons, which has increased recognition and understanding of SGM experiences. However, recent advances have often been met with resistance and backlash rooted in social stigma and long histories of discrimination. Indeed, the time is ripe for deeper examinations of the social determinants of SGM health, broadly defined to include social, emotional, mental, and physical indicators of well-being. Sociologists are uniquely situated to investigate the social factors that shape SGM health directly as well as indirectly through associations with other causal factors. Thus, this edited volume will include chapters that draw from classic and contemporary sociological frameworks and constructs (e.g., minority stress processes and sources of support and resilience), as well as chapters that reflect intersecting interdisciplinary approaches to the study of SGM health.

Submissions may focus on sexual and/or gender minority populations, as well as the diverse sub-populations within them. Topics may include, but are not limited to:  (1) theoretical and empirical explanations for SGM health disparities and/or resilience; (2) aging and life course perspectives regarding the health experiences of SGM persons; (3) health in the context of critical relationships in the lives of SGM persons (e.g., with parents, peers, and sexual and romantic partners); and (4) the experiences of seeking general and specialized health care among SGM persons (e.g., barriers to competent care, provider-patient interactions, service systems and health policies).


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