SALC Sessions and Events in the ASA Preliminary Program

ASA annual meeting 2015

Mark your calendars for the terrific set of SALC sessions and events in Chicago!

Monday, August 24, 2015

2:30-4:10pm SALC Paper Session: Disability over the Life Course

  • “Adult Children’s Serious Health Conditions and the Flow of Support between the Generations” – Megan Gilligan, Iowa State Univ; J. Jill Suitor, Purdue Univ; Marissa Rurka, Purdue Univ; Gulcin Con, Purdue Univ; Karl Pillemer, Cornell Univ
  • “Children with Disabilities and Trajectories of Mothers’ Consumer Debt across the Life Course” – Jason Houle, Dartmouth; Lawrence Berger, Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
  • “Disability over the Life Course: The Unique Experiences of Little People and Their Parents” – Anna Neller; Univ of Toledo
  • “Generational Perspectives on the Dialectic between Gerontology and Disability Studies” – Eva Kahana, Case Western Reserve Univ; Jeffrey Steven Kahana; Mount Saint Mary College

4:30-6:10pm SALC Paper Session: Sexuality over the Life Course

  • “Beyond the Cougar Stereotype: Understanding Middle-Aged Women’s Experiences with Age-Hypogamous Sexual Relationships” – Milaine Alarie, McGill Univ
  • “Family Socioeconomic Status, Gender, and Mental Health Trajectories of Sexual Minority Youth Transitioning into Adulthood” – Alexa Martin-Storey, Universite de Sherbrooke; Sarah Kendig, Arkansas State Univ; Robert Crosnoe, Univ of Texas-Austin
  • “Obesity and Sexuality among Older American Adults” – Soyoung Kwon, Texas A&M Univ-Kingsville; Markus Shafer, Univ of Toronto
  • “Sexual Freedom and Autonomy in Assisted Living Facilities” – Christina Barmon, Georgia State Univ; Elisabeth Burgess, Georgia State Univ; James Moorhead Jr., Georgia State Univ; Alexis Bender, U.S. Army Public Health Command

6:30-8:30pm SALC Reception and Mentoring Dinner at the Berghoff Restaurant (17 W. Adams); “Strategies for Developing Research Collaborations”

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8:30-10:10am SALC Roundtables

  • Table 1. Caregiving
  • Table 2. Psychosocial Influences on Well-Being
  • Table 3. Lifetime Socioeconomic Influences on Well-Being
  • Table 4. Family Relationships and Social Support
  • Table 5. Illness and Disability Experience
  • Table 6. Work, Retirement, and Economic Security
  • Table 7. Aging in Diverse Contexts

10:30am-12:10pm SALC Paper Session: Cross-National Comparisons of Life Course Transitions

  • “The Evolution of Within- and Cross-Country Differences in the Transition to Adulthood: A New Perspective” – Sander Wagner, Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Olivier Thevenon, INED
  • “(Con-)Sequences of Non-Employment: Reintegration Trajectories in the British and German Labor Market” – Thomas Biegert, WZB Berlin Social Science Research Center
  • “Predictors of Anticipated Instrumental Support from Children among Elderly Parents in Urban and Rural China” – Cheng Cheng, Princeton Univ

2:30-3:30pm SALC Invited Session: Matilda White Riley Distinguished Scholar Lecture given by Kenneth Ferraro, Purdue Univ


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