Handbook of the Life Course, Vol II


We are very pleased to announce the second volume of the Handbook of the Life Course (edited by Michael Shanahan, Jeylan Mortimer, and Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson) is now available from Springer.

In the words of one of the editors, “Many members of SALC have joined with scholars from cognate disciplines and overseas, to produce this new volume, emphasizing emerging trends, challenges, and new directions in life course studies.”

The volume is available via purchase of the hardcover and paperback book, purchase of individual chapters, or free download of the entire volume for scholars and students affiliated with an institution that is a member of SpringerLink.

Chapters include:

  1. Introduction: Life Course Studies – Trends, Challenges, and Future Directions
  2. Institutionalization of Life Course Studies
  3. Age, Cohorts, and the Life Course
  4. Opening the Social: Sociological Imagination in Life Course Studies
  5. The Changing Social Construction of Age and the Life Course: Precarious Identity and Enactment of “Early” and “Encore” Stages of Adulthood
  6. Structuration of the Life Course: Some Neglected Aspects
  7. Family Heterogeneity Over the Life Course
  8. Educational Pathways
  9. College for All: New Institutional Conflicts in the Transition to Adulthood
  10. Changes in Educational Inequality in Cross-National Perspective
  11. Work Over the Gendered Life Course
  12. Military Service in Lives: Where Do We Go From Here?
  13. Criminal Justice and the Life Course
  14. Disaster and Life Course Processes
  15. Early Childhood Poverty: Short and Long-Run Consequences Over the Lifespan
  16. Does the Body Forget? Adult Health, Life Course Dynamics, and Social Change
  17. Living Healthier and Longer: A Life Course Perspective on Education and Health
  18. Life Course Lens on Aging and Health
  19. Mental Health
  20. Agency Across the Life Course
  21. Cognitive Development and the Life Course: Growth, Stability and Decline
  22. Longitudinal Qualitative Research
  23. Causality in Life Course Studies
  24. The Logic and Practice of Growth Curve Analysis: Modeling Strategies for Life Course Dynamics
  25. Three Generation Studies: Methodological Challenges and Promise
  26. Neighborhood, Place, and the Life Course
  27. Life Course Research and the Shaping of Public Policy
  28. Epidemiological Perspectives on the Life Course
  29. The Influence of Social Welfare Policies on Health Disparities Across the Life Course
  30. Life Course Risks and Welfare States’ Risk Management
  31. Longitudinal Studies and Policy for Children in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Evidence from Young Lives
  32. Lags and Leaps: The Dynamics of Demography, Economy and Policy and Their Implications for Life Course Research

Check it out at http://www.springer.com/us/book/9783319208794.


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