Get Tickets to ASA Mentoring Dinner

Tickets for the SALC annual Award and Mentoring Dinner are now on sale!  The dinner will be Saturday August 20, 6:45-9pm, at the Paris Ballroom of Hotel Monaco (1101 4th Ave, Seattle). The program is titled, “Getting a Job: Hunting, Interviewing, and Early Career Planning,” and will feature Patricia Thomas (Purdue), Lindsay Wilkinson (Baylor), and Pamela Herd (UWisconsin-Madison).

Ticket prices are $30 for faculty and $10 for students.  We ask that you purchase tickets in advance. To purchase tickets for dinner, send checks made out to American cutlery-297617__180Sociological Association to Madonna Harrington Meyer, 302 Maxwell Hall, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY 13244.

When you arrive at the restaurant, your reservation will be checked and you will receive a ticket for one drink. You may purchase additional drinks from the cash bar.

SALC Award and Mentoring Dinner Committee:  Madonna Harrington Meyer (chair), Stacy Torres and Adriana Reyes (student representatives), Jerald Herting (local representative), and Janet Wilmoth (past chair).

For more information, see the earlier blogpost on the 2016 mentoring dinner.


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