ASA Program Update

A paper by O’Rand and Bostic has been added to the SALC Paper Session on Life Course Research and Social Policy. 

Session organizer: Madonna Harrington Meyer, Syracuse University
Discussant, Jacqueline L. Angel, University of Texas at Austin

  • O’Rand, Angela and Amie Bostic. “Lags and Leaps: The Dynamics of Demography, Economy, and Policy and Their Implications for Life Course Research.”
  • Kreager, Derek A., et al. “Exploring Life Course and Network Mechanisms Underlying Prison-Based Therapeutic Communities.”
  • Bussi, Margherita. “Transitions, Trajectories, and the Role of Activation Policies for Young People.”
  • Utz, Rebecca L.  “School Wellness Policies and Adolescent Obesity: An Ecological Study.”

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