Full program for SALC at ASA

Section on Sociology of Aging and the Life Course (SALC)
2016 Annual Meeting Program
Theme: Challenges and New Directions in Life Course Studies

Saturday, August 20 *** SALC Section Day ***

7-8:15 am SALC Council Meeting

8:30- 10:10 Life Course Research and Social Policy
Organizer: Madonna Harrington Meyer
Discussant: Jacqueline Angel

  • Lags and Leaps: The Dynamics of Demography, Economy, and Policy and the Implications for Life Course Research. Angela O’Rand and Amie Bostic.
  • Exploring Life Course and Network Mechanisms Underlying Prison-based Therapeutic
  • Communities. Derek Kreager, Dana Haynie, David Schaefer, Jacob Yang, Martin Bouchard, Michaela Sayer
  • Transitions, Trajectories, and the Role of Activation Policies for Young People. Margherita Bussi
  • School Wellness Policies and Adolescent Obesity: An Ecological Study. Rebecca Utz

10:30 am – 12:10 pm SALC Roundtables
Organizers: Carol Aneshensel and Andrew London
(14 tables, 52 papers)

2:30 – 4:10 pm Emerging Trends and Future Directions in Life Course Studies
Organizer: Jeylan Mortimer

  • New Directions in Life Course Studies. Michael Shanahan
  • Criminal Justice and the Life Course. Sara Wakefield and Robert Apel
  • The Life Course and Mental Health. William Avison
  • Neighborhood, Place, and the Life Course. Christopher Browning
  • The Influence of Social Welfare Policies on Health Disparities across the Life Course. Pamela Herd

4:30- 5:30 pm. Matilda White Riley Distinguished Scholar Award Lecture
Presenter: Professor Debra Umberson, University of Texas-Austin

5:30-6:30 pm. SALC Business Meeting

6:45-9 pm. SALC Reception and Mentoring Dinner
Organizer: Madonna Harrington Meyer
The Paris Ballroom at Hotel Monaco. 1101 Fourth Avenue, Seattle

Sunday, August 21

10:30-12:10 Life Course Construction in Challenging Circumstances
Organizer: Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson
Discussant: Janel Benson

  • Youth Survival Perceptions: Forecasts for Future Health. Naomi Duke
  • Lost in the Big World? Adulthood Transition of Korean Transnational Migrants. Kirsten Song
  • Daughters of the Great Recession: School, Work, and Family Pathways in the Transition to Adulthood. Jessica Hardie
  • The Condensed Courtship Clock: How Elite Women Manage Self-Development and Marriage Ideals. Katherine Fallon and Casey Stockstill

Monday, August 22

2:30-4:30 Rethinking Social Movements in Relationship to Disability, Health, and Aging (co-sponsored with the Sections on Disability and Society and Medical Sociology)
Organizer: Robyn Brown

  • Age Cohort Variation in Drinking among People with Physical Impairments: The Role of Politically-Oriented Coping. Judith Richman, Robyn Brown, Kathleen Rospenda
  • Analyzing Disruptiveness in Disability Movements’ Protest Tactics Cross-Culturally. Sharon Barnartt
  • Educating the Sighted: A Microsociological Study of Negotiations of a Contentious Strategy of Disability Simulation. Lisa Buchter
  • Hegemonic or Queer? A Comparative Analysis of Five LGBTQIA/Disability Intersectional Social Movement Organizations. Justine Egne

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